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How to Find Work Well, PLLC

We are conveniently located three miles east from downtown Houston. From downtown travel I-10 East to N. Wayside. Exit and make a u-turn, as if you are traveling back toward downtown, but stay on the feeder. A couple of blocks down you will see a street called Port. Turn right, and then make an immediate left on Lyons Ave. We are located about a block down on the right side, across the street from the SOL grocery store.


Contact Us Today!

Work Well, PLLC
7117 Lyons Ave

Houston, TX 77020

Phone: 713-670-7161

E-mail: workwellpllc@gmail.com

Physicals Are Our Specialty!

We don't just perform work physicals as part of our practice.  At Work Well we specialize in physicals. Physicals are the practice.

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