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Uber Physical & Drug Test - Houston

Schedule your Houston Vehicle-for-Hire physical and drug screen online:


If you need your Uber physical examination and non-DOT five-panel drug test in the Houston area, to receive your City of Houston TNC license, we at Work Well, PLLC can provide both for you in the same Houston clinic location.

We are centrally located three minutes form Downtown Houston off I-10 East.  Which is a quick trip to the Houston Permitting Center at 1002 Washington Ave. where you are required to take your Vehicle for Hire driver's license application packet once completed.

Be sure to call ahead to schedule an appointment or schedule online to provent wait time.  Walkins are welcome but it is unknown how quickly you will be seen, for appointments come first to reduce waitting around.




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Physicals Are Our Specialty!

We don't just perform work physicals as part of our practice.  At Work Well we specialize in physicals. Physicals are the practice.

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