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Post-Injury Drug Examination

So your employee gets hurt on the job, now what do you do?


Post-Injury Drug Examination usually occurs immediately after an injury is sustained by an employee. This exam is basically to check if the injury an employee has sustained is a fresh injury or if the injury was caused by an old one. To make this conclusion, we have to compare the result of the post-offer physical with the post-injury physical. If there is a new injury,  we determine how much of an injury there is compared to the previous baseline.  We also note what needs to be done to bring the employee back to the original baseline by placing an MMI (maximum medical improvement) period. MMI is the earliest date based on reasonable medical probability when recovery from an injury should be expected. In other words, MMI means the point where an employee has healed from the work related injury to the maximum point. As an employee, MMI is all about you and the treatment you need; because it is based on the evolution of your medical records and physical exams.

To achieve your maximum medical improvement (MMI) means that your injury or illness has improved and as such, no further improvement should be expected.

Often, after a doctor declares that an injured worker has reached MMI, our doctors at Work Well, PLLC will carry out a special Return to Work Physical Examination to check if the employee still has residual impairment because of the work injury or illness.

If there is no new injury and it is an exacerbation of an old injury, then the employee can still get into rehab if needed. This, however, clears the employer of any liability from the start of treatment.


The Post-Injury Drug Examination Program also involves professional drug and alcohol testing as an automatic part of the cause of work-related injuries. It is an efficient way to send a strong, zero-tolerance for drugs and alcohol message to employees. This will reduce an employer’s liability for drug-related workplace accidents and reduce an employer’s claim experience and exposure.

As an employer, keeping your work area accident free is hard enough without the addition of drug use to the mix. The report from SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) indicated that most drug users between the ages of 18-49 are employed full-time. That means 6.3 million illegal drug users and 6.2 million heavy alcohol users are in today’s full-time workforce, meaning that some of your employees are most likely drug users. The drug and alcohol test is highly needed in every company. Some of its features include:

  • Employees are tested for drugs and/ alcohol after every workplace injury.
  • The preliminary cost of drug testing is charged not as a separate employer expense, but as medical expense added to the workers’ compensation claim.
  • Claims by workers testing positive are investigated and denied or accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • The testing program requires a well-filled out consent form from each current and future employee and kept in the employee’s file.


Why Test?

Companies may demand a test for drugs and alcohol after an injury to check if the worker was influenced by drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. It also checks to see if the intoxication contributed to the accident. Once it has been made clear that there was an intoxication at the time of the accident, some states give a discount to employers who have drug-testing policies in place on the worker’s compensation insurance. In other states, the companies do not have to pay the employees worker’s compensation claim.


Contact us now to find out how a Post Injury Examination and Post Injury Drug Test can further benifit your company.


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