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POET - Post Offer Employment Physical

  • Have you ever wondered if that new hire is physically fit to do your job?
  • Have you ever thought to yourself, was that injury really done at your company?


Work Well, PLLC has standardized methods of testing that considers ADA and EEOC guidelines and requirements and will provide accurate tests to determine if prospective workers are capable of perfroming the essential functions of specific jobs.


The aim of the post-offer employment physical testing has been to hire people that are capable of doing the job they applied for. However, in past times, some employment decisions have always been based on medical conditions. The spine arthritis or degeneration identified on X-ray, high blood pressure and disability or any disease and stereotypes (age, gender, and appearance) among others, are done in order to know the physical ability of an individual. For proper assessing of individuals, the tools used to test an individual’s physical ability must be 100% valid.

Our Health programs provide a post-offer physical examination to help employers to qualify promising employees for special job requirements, and also the function is to protect the overall health of employees.


With Work Well, PLLC's Post-offer physical tests, you can identify the issues that can affect job performance or maybe lead to a compensation claim by the worker before the hiring process is over. It also helps to identify issues the prospective employees might have, and then bring forward a legal means of screening and cost- efficient method of screening them before they get employed.

The result of the Post-Offer Employment Physical and urine drug screen will be displayed on a detailed simple to read written report, and our medical provider will give his medical opinion of “qualified or not qualified.”


While employing an individual, the physical and health abilities of the prospective employee must be considered. The points to consider before hiring are as follows.

  • Are there any physical limitations that would stop this person from doing their job?
  • Can this person do great at the job due to job descriptions?
  • Does this person take unlawful drugs?
  • Does this individual possess a disability that falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act that might require him to show a reasonable accommodation?
  • Can this person get injured or sick due to environmental and physical exposure at work?   

There’s no way to predict who is going to get hurt in the working process.  However, studies showed that it is possible for a post-offer screening process to reduce illness and injuries being sustained at work. Studies have also shown that having a post-offer drug screening process in place can detect individuals with drug or alcohol problems and keep such employees away. It is also fair to both the employee and the employer that limitations are being acknowledged and may be accommodated (if that is possible).


At Work Well, PLLC we provide a post-offer examination with medical providers who already know the legalities of this process, and are also knowledgeable of the federal and state regulations. Our  Occupational Health practitioners that includes certified medical examiners, specialise in occupational medicine and in other medical fields and are familiar with the processes of post-offer physical examinations.

We are also familiar with the American Medical Associations (AMA) rules, the Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) / Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) because without the knowledge of these athority agenicies fines and accommodation may be very costly if this isn’t identified early enough. 


Bottom line, can the prospective employee do the essintial job functions safely without injury to themselves or other coworkers?


Contact us to find out how you can start utilizing Work Well, PLLC's Post Offer Employment Physical testing in your company today.


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