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Benefits of Post Offer / Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-employment evaluations can save your company thousands of dollars by maximizing employee productivity, eliminating preexisting conditions being claimed on workman’s comp thus reducing your workman’s comp premiums as well as reducing employee absentees and on the job work ethics.


When it comes to accurate evaluations of new employees computerized testing is by far the most cost efficient and timely way to go. Here at Work Well, PLLC, we offer the industry leading computerized testing and evaluation that is simply head and shoulders above the rest – hands down.


Our Post-offer Physical capacity evaluation produces a continuum of data suitable for establishing a comparable physical baseline not only for strength in various areas of the body, but also for range of motion or any preexisting physical impairments. Revealing and quantifying existing injuries or physical shortcomings is a specific feature of our testing approach. It also adds tremendous value to the results. A potential employee with limited range of motion in the back, for example, will not erroneously try to make the company liable for that pre-existing issue should that employee later sustain a work related injury to the back.


Our Physical Capacity Evaluation testing utilizes quantitative dynamic/isometric strength assessment which has been shown to cause a reduction in injury rates. This kind of effective injury prevention mechanism produces real cost savings in the form of reduced workers compensation claim payouts (both frequency and amount), reduction in lost work days, protection against experience rate modifications for insurance premiums, reduced legal expenses and more.

The bottom-line is simply, physical testing improves the work environment for both the employer and the employee, and dynamic/isometric strength testing, coupled with other anthropometric measurements such as those in a Physical Capacity Evaluation, is a more effective test method than job simulation testing alone, for protecting employees from injury and reducing costs for employers. This helps you determine if an applicant can meet the physical demands of the job.  It keeps your company from buying claims that did not happen at your place of work.  All while decreasing your turnover, retraining costs, and overtime paid out.

When you request our customizable Pre-Employment Physical Capacity Evaluation we will rapidly deliver a detailed written report to you that will allow management to quickly place the newly hired employees. The specific and selected - electronically captured data helps make you legally bulletproof through better analysis and reporting. The snapshot section on the page one of the report is a synopsis of that new hires testing and is designed to help employers quickly make informed decisions.


All limitation, impairments, and restrictions the employee has from prior to starting with your company will be documented.  State work comp statues read that if impairments are documented; that your company is not responsible for the cost of the documented impairment.  You are only responsible for what impairment was caused at your company.   


Even more exciting and useful are the unique features in the report that show the strength and ability test result values.  These pages should be sent to a doctor or rehabilitation team in the event of an injury, as it helps the medical team to know where the individuals’ baseline was.  That helps eliminate increased rehabilitation costs and guesswork in evaluating whether the employee has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI).  


We also offer computerized isometric muscle testing and range of motion which is a mini physical capacity evaluation done at the beginning. Most clinics will not provide these services for the equipment is rather costly, plus the training that is required is intensive and costly. We offer this as yet another tool for evaluations and proper maximization of new employees.



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