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What is a Pre-Employment Physical Exam?


A pre-employment physical exam is often undertaken by companies for new employees. The company takes this exam to test and know the medical background of each staff. The review is mostly conducted to find out if the employee would be able to do the job. Although in times past, only industries with a high occurrence of accidents do this test. But in recent times, almost all employers carry out this examination.

The result of the pre-employment physical exam is to be kept confidential, and separate from all other records. The prospects of the job should be made known to the person running the test, for the person to judge the candidates based on the expectations of the job.

Pre-employment exams profit both the employer and the employees, although, it may seem not. The exams benefit the company by protecting it against liability and the test ensures that the company gets its maximum output by providing 100% manpower if possible. It protects the employees by ensuring that they are in perfect health before taking on the job. It endorses that the employees are capable; both mentally and physically.


What Does the Pre-Employment Physical Exam Entail?

The pre-employment exam involves a general physical exam acompanied by a computerized testing system that utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary software, that sometimes involves a respiratory assessment, drug, and alcohol test, and specific tests depending on the kind of work. In the general exam, vital signs are the first to be checked, next, the medical history of the worker is written down. Hearing and vision tests would also be taken, to ensure that the employee can hear clearly, and see with or without glasses, and also to make sure the worker is not color blind.

A respiratory assessment is sometimes undertaken primarily for jobs that are challenging physically, and also for jobs where breathing can be restricted. The respiratory assessments check the capacity of the lungs, the heart and breathing. A cardiac stress test is often recommended if a heart problem is suspected. The cardiac stress test involves running on a treadmill different speeds and inclines for many minutes.


Drug and Alcohol Tests

Drug and alcohol tests are very vital in jobs where abuse of drugs and/or alcohol escalates the possibility of accidents, such as long-distance driving or operating heavy machinery. The drug test is often done either through the potential workers’ urine or hair. For alcohol test, a breathalyzer is used to check the presence of alcohol in the blood. Sometimes, a worker has to undergo both the alcohol and the drug test.


Special Tests

Special-request tests are usually not part of the pre-employment test, but this can be requested by the company for specific jobs. For instance, for a job that requires lifting or carrying heavy objects, a PATs (Physical Abilities Tests) which checks your pull and grip strength has to be conducted. Special-request test in not done in all jobs, but it depends on the kind of job.


What the Exam Cannot Check For?

Potential employees should not be discriminated based on their test results or on their pre-existing medical history, except it would interfere with the job performance.  To prevent discrimination, the pre-employment test cannot include any test that would invade a person’s privacy. This rule can only be exempted if the test is being conducted for infections. Here, the doctor can check for various diseases that could harm other workers.


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