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Pre-Employment Doctor Exam Houston

The pre-employment doctor exam is the most commonly used pre-employment physical exam by most employment workplace clinics and employers.  Of the 3 types (doctor exam, job simulation and computerized testing) the doctor exam is always used. The doctor exam is used to determine whether or not the employee is physically healthy enough to work or not.  This is accomplished by checking the employees vitals and over all healthy.  The doctor's exam usually consists of:   

Detailed health history and job related injuries.

Checking employee's blood pressure, plus and rhythm.

Checking employee's weight and BMI.

Checking employee's eyes and vision. 

Checking employee's ears and hearing.

Checking employee's heart and lungs.

Checking employee's organs and glands.

Further diagnostic testing if needed.

Pass / Fail - health report

Although this type of pre-employment physical exam is highly important and definitely needed it is only the start.  Even though the employer is clearing the employee from medical clinical elements, diseases or issues, unfortunately with the doctor's exam only, the results are mainly subjective (pass/fail) and based on the option of the doctor, physician's assistant or nurse which can lack consistence depending on who is performing the exam that day.  Nor, does the doctor's exam document the capability of the employee to perform specific movements, postures or lifting capabilities required by the job. It lacks validation on if the employee is physically able to perfrom the job safely such as the pre-employment testing below. Click each link below to learn more.



Click for ------>  Pre-employment Job Simulation

Click for ------>  Pre-employment Computerized Testing


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