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Pre-Employment Job Simulation Houston

The pre-employment job simulation also known as a physical abilities tests is the second most common pre-employment test performed.  However, less occupational clinics are willing or want to provide this type of physical, for it is more time consuming, requires more space and has to be tailored to a specific job position. 

Job simulated tasks are important to the employer for it validates whether or not an employee can lift a predetermined amount of weight, inventory or product to a specific height correctly. 

Job task simulation will also show if an employee is able to push a certain amount of weight which represents work that will be performed at the work site.  Whether the weight is objects on a dolly, patient in a wheelchair or food on a chart the force can be documented.

A job task simulation is similar to the doctors exam in that the report is on a pass/fail bases. The difference is that it either validates or invalidates an employee based on accomplishing maximum functional abilities. 

While it is helpful and useful to know if an employee has the physical maximum strengths to mimic the working tasks accomplished by a job task simulation, this type of physical exam alone does not document any preexisting physical impairments or old injuries not mentioned during the medical history.  The one time simulation does not produce the employee's ability to safely replicate an activity consistently over a period of time and the employer is still unknowingly at risk that the old injury could become a Workmen's Comp claim over time.  See how pre-employment computerized testing can determine this by clicking the link below.



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