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Pacing their return to work is in your best interest. . .

Learning to manage your company without one of your valued employees is difficult.


But injuries happen.


It’s a simple fact of life.


As a company, you can face even more difficulties in helping that employee transition back to work as their injury begins to heal and their doctor feels that they’re ready to begin taking on some tasks.


Some of the worst case scenarios that I’ve seen include:


  • Employees returning to work too soon and receiving worse injuries as a result
  • Employees returning to work and being unable to fulfill their duties resulting in misunderstandings and frustrations
  • Employees not knowing when it’s safe to return to work
  • Employers not knowing the extent of the employee’s injuries


And while you want and need your employee to be back to 100%, you want to make sure that they don’t take on too much and end up re-injuring themselves before they have a chance to full heal and recoup. This can equal a lot of stress headaches for you!


We'd like to take that burden off of your shoulders and make the transition as smooth and easy for you and your employee as possible. That’s why we’ve created our Return to Work program that will give you all the resources and information you need to gradually reintroduce your employee back to his or her original high functioning position.



Stop stressing over finding the best way to reintroduce your employees back into the workplace after an illness or injury. At Work Well, PLLC we can handle it for you so that you can focus on your normal daily routine.


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We know that timing is everything. And we know that you've got very little extra time. So let Work Well, PLLC provide you with perfect and stress free timing. 


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Physicals Are Our Specialty!

We don't just perform work physicals as part of our practice.  At Work Well we specialize in physicals. Physicals are the practice.

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