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Pre-Employment Strength & Agility Testing

A Pre-Employment Strength & Agility Test is usually taken to prevent a company from hiring a crew member who could become its next claimant. The test significantly reduces the workers compensation premiums and employee turnover and avoids the loss. Still, most companies hesitate to use these tests because they are afraid of the costs of the test for each employee.  The possible legal complications and the doubt about the best test to use is also a contributing factor.

At Work Well, PLLC we offer guidance on pre-employment strength testing, to help you strategically use it as your risk management tool.


Types of Pre-Employment Strength & Agility Tests

  • Work Simulation Test - For this test, the applicants are required to perform an imitation of the daily activities that they would face on the job. By this rule, employers or companies combine forces with Work Well, PLLC a testing center to create a modified test that would re-enact an applicant’s future job role.

Pros: The applicant will get an idea of the work and the agent conducting the test will be able to note if the applicant is skilled enough for the job.

  • Isokinetic Test – This type of strength and agility test scrutinizes the applicants back, neck, knee functions, and shoulders. To inform the employer of the possibility that in the future, that worker might lose competence. The Isokinetic Test will detect any pre-existing conditions and notify the employer of how physically capable the applicant is for the job functions over time.

Pros - The applicant does not exert more strength than they are capable of while taking the test; the test which is ADA compliant is objective and carried out prior to a job offer.


Added to reducing the largest expense in a company’s insurance program and worker’s compensation, a well-structured Pre-Employment Strength and Agility test will reduce the long-term cost accompanied by hiring, training and maintenance of a profitable workforce.


At Work Well, PLLC we use particular computerized machines and tests that are used to measure a person’s strength and agility. Examples of the devices include the Isometric Strength testing machines also known as "Static Strength" that involve a person slowly increasing the force exerted on a set of static force gauges. Other Dynamic strength functional capacity tests include assessing an individual's lifting capabilities from floor to knuckle height, from knuckle to shoulder, and overhead; evaluating grip strength; and determining head and trunk extension or flexion.


Physical Ability tests, measures the physical ability of an applicant to perform a particular task of the strength for specific muscle groups, as well as strength and stamina in general.  These agility tests can be useful to employees that work in cramped spaces, especially workers in construction, warehousing and shipbuilding companies. 


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