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Random Drug Testing in Houston

Why Random Drug Testing is so important to a company?

For certain companies, nothing can provide greater value than random drug testing of employees.  That's because certain aspects related to safety, some to productivity and others simply to state or federal laws can sometimes make or break a company.

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While product can always be replaced, the same can't be said for people's lives. That means when someone not fully capable of driving or operating machinery, a company's finances can be placed in a perilous situation due to the likelihood of future litigation stemming from the situation.

Safety Concerns

Any business needs employees that are alert while doing their jobs, but in some professions, that alertness may literally be the difference between whether that person lives or dies. To potentially make matters worse, the actions of that employee who may be abusing alcohol or drugs could put other employees or customers at risk.

For example, a truck driver carrying the company's product in an 18-wheeler needs to stay alert, as does someone operating other heavy machinery. Having someone under the influence is in a compromised position.

Productivity Concerns

A steady flow of production keeps businesses in the black, so keeping on top of any employees whose effort drops off is imperative. It will also provide clear evidence in a dismissal later occurs and the ex-employee pursues litigation.

Legal Concerns

Some businesses simply aren't allowed to function unless Houston Tx drug testing is conducted. These include companies that depend on federal government contracts or those that obtain grants from them. Specific legislation is in place that demands such employment drug testing take place.

Peace of Mind

Having quick access to Houston Tx drug testing labs means that results can usually be provided in quick fashion. For something like employment drug testing, that means that a candidate can either be given the go-ahead or flagged. In the latter case, that may spare the company from dealing with problem employees.

With regard to random drug testing, a lab focusing on Houston Tx drug testing can quickly determine if a potential issue has been caught before a problem develops or can determine if any drug or alcohol issues are related to an accident involving the company. While some may balk at the cost of such endeavors, it may end up being one of the wisest investments a company can make.



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