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The Truth You Need to Know About Random Drug and Alcohol Testing by Employers

Welcome to Work Well, PLLC’s Random Drug and Alcohol testing page. We have been researching, monitoring and directly dealing with on the job drug use as well as employees who regularly use drugs and drink to access. In our ongoing efforts, the statistics paint a very clear and grim picture.


-On site drug use by employees is a key contributor to lower productivity. Time and again the data supports this truth.


-Regular drug and alcohol users are 10 times more likely to take time off work. Their health is simply not as good as those that do not partake.


-According to researched statistics, workplace drug and alcohol use costs U.S. businesses an estimated $100 billion each year.


-You can lose up to 30% of the first years potential earnings on just ONE bad hire with drug/alcohol issues. Not to mention you’ve put the other employees at risk and potentially jeopardized client relations if this hire has access to clients.


-Of the 17.2 million drug abusers in the US, 12.9 million are employed either full or part time. Though not surprising it does seem worrisome there are that many situations in who knows how many businesses for increased accidents and potential employee injury.


-Reduce healthcare costs with drug screening: It’s a simple fact that employees who use illegal drugs or routinely drink to excess have a much higher rate of health problems than their co-workers and peers. Thus they cost the company more in lower productivity, missed time and higher healthcare premiums.


-FACT: Between 10 and 20 percent of the nation’s workers that die on the job test positive for alcohol or other drugs. Enough said…


-Drug free boosts profits! Even if you were to ignore all of the previous reasons, one of the biggest justifications for implementing drug screening at your business is to increase profits. By ensuring your workforce is drug free, you are taking a big step to a better (and more profitable) business by maximizing your employee’s talents and abilities and eliminating unnecessary on the job accidents and/or mistakes that are caused by drug/alcohol use.


Work Well, PLLC offers two unique random drug/alcohol services. For the smaller to medium size businesses you often want us to come in and run the entire testing from start to finish. We do this now for many companies. Upon collection, we send the specimen to the lab and get you the results within 24 hours.


Many of the larger companies we’ve worked with already have an ‘in house’ random drug and alcohol testing program in place, however, they want a collection facility to collect the specimen and send the samples to the lab. We currently do this for many of our larger clients as well.


So either way, we here at Work Well, PLLC are your one-stop random drug/alcohol testing support team! We have over six years of experience in employee evaluation and assessment tools – we are pro’s and we know our industry better than anyone does – yet you’ll pay dramatically less working with us – why? Simple, I don’t believe in overcharging people.


Lots of companies that do business with other companies (B2B) often escalate the prices because it’s a business and they can afford to pay top dollar. I say – BS! I want happy clients who get the results they want and the biggest one is increased profits. How can I propose to help them with that if I’m part of the problem by overcharging for my services? Makes no sense…


I hope that this page has been informative both about the pros of random drug and alcohol testing by employers as well as sharing a little more about us and why we do what we do. Rest assured that YOUR results are ALWAYS our #1 priority. I have always felt that if I help you accomplish what it is you came to me to help you with, then the money will come.


So my focus is your focus. I’ve got some great tools and programs and one of my very best is random drug and alcohol testing post hire. If you are ready to utilize one of our services in this field, simply fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page and upon review one of my professionally trained staff will get back with you in no more than 24 hours for a 100% FREE no obligation evaluation.


Let’s work together to maximize your business, your profits and help make your current employees feel safe and confident coming to work every day. I do it for many clients and I know, working together, you and I can accomplish this for your business too. So don’t wait, fill out the registration form right now. You’ll be very glad you did.



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