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      Need an Employment Physical Exam in Houston?

     Doctor Exam

Exam to see if employee is healthy enough to work...

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   Job Simulation

Exam to see if employee can mimic job functions...

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Computer Testing

Exam to see if employee has old injuries or imparments.

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Guessing is not an option when it comes to your employee’s health.  Implement in advance a comprehensive physical evaluation program for before, during and after a work injury occurs.  So when a work injury does happen you will have a plan in place to help protect all parties involved. Also implementing in advance a Random Drug Testing program can quickly determine if a potential issue has been caught before a problem develops or can determine if any drug or alcohol issues are related to an accident involving the company.

At Work Well, PLLC we specialize in comprehensive Employment Physical Functional Evaluations and Functional Capacity Exams (FCE). With our quantitative computerized physical exams, there is no questioning of an employee's physical assessment.  Weather it is a DOT Physical, Pre-Employment / Post Offer Physical, Post Injury Exam or a Fit for Duty / Return to Work Exam as an employer you know from the start what your employee's are functionally capably of preforming on your job site.  Thus, lowering workers comp claims, reducing employee injuries and in turn, creating a safer more productive workplace.  Other highly benecial workplace programs are Work Well's Company Wellness Programs  which helps to transform the over all health of the entire company.

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